Trimming the Ends



The stylist level system at Beauty Bar Salon + Spa offers our guests options when it comes to salon services as well as providing a career path for growth and achievement for our team. Guests may choose the stylist/level that best fits their requests and needs from skill set/experience to budget. Stylists can have multiple levels
(ex - Stylist A is a level 3 in coloring services and a level 2 in haircutting)

In short, levels are based on REPUTATION, EDUCATION, + DEMAND. As our stylists grow in each area, they earn the opportunity to be promoted to more advanced levels.

Level 1 stylists, often referred to as New Talent, have just graduated from cosmetology school and are newly licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. They are gaining and developing the skills necessary to deliver quality services in select areas of their craft. They offer a limited menu of services to our guests at level 1 pricing and will collaborate with a level 4 or 5 stylist to gain confidence as they sharpen their skills.

Level 1 Stylist

Level 2 stylists, also referred to as new talent, are either new to Beauty Bar or they have joined Beauty Bar early in their career and have chosen to grow their craft within our team. They are competent in foundational cutting, styling, and coloring services, and they often collaborate with our level 4 or 5 stylists for more advanced services. Booking your service with a level 2 stylist is a great option for those who seek a more cost effective price point.

Level 2 Stylist